Professional foosball approved

by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation)

on which they are conducted in recent years

the world championships …!!!


TORNADO is the official table used

in the following professionally recognized competitions

World Cup

World Championships

World Championship Series

Masters, Intercontinental Cup

Champions league and International Series

with fans all over the world

The world famous





LENGTH 142 cm

WIDTH 140 cm

minimum space for satisfactory playing

WIDTH minimum 220 cm

HEIGHT 95 cm

WEIGHT 160 kgr

The “racing” silver globally recognizable by all

while it comes in both red and black

Typical opening to access the interior

on the coin acceptor, in the corridors

years tested construction very sturdy

with tolerances for a very demanding game

Years of testing and games ended up in the “patented” player of TORNADO FOOSBALL

which is fast, sturdy and made of hardened plastic

so that it does not fill shavings while playing and does not break easily

It is worth adding its unique innovation TORNADO FOOSBALL

in which the toys are WEIGHED UNIFORM & CENTRAL

in terms of their weight as a result

Extremely impressive and fast game

also the racing design offers ABSOLUTE control of the ball

and impressive hits

that are not made in any other football

for even more racing know-how

balls with printedlogo of ITSF

Lightweight “hollow” stainless steel rods

for lightning game

Specially designed non-slip handles

in octagonal shape in black and yellow

Options for the house without a coin accepting system

So good that it fits in any space

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