Electric bike of excellent quality construction

combining build quality, and reliability

by GIANT the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world

Available in striking black

Equipped with engines

in collaboration with YAMAHA

for the SYNCDRIVE PRO system

for maximum strength and pull

GIANT has quality branded batteries

with great autonomy and power

The engine YAMAHA SYNCDRIVE PRO power 250w with torque 50Nm

and the battery GIANT ENERGY PACK 500 , 36V , 500 W , 11,3 Ah

gives autonomy from 100 km up to 180 km

the batteries lock in the frame

and can not get out without the key

The control unit mounted on the steering wheel

allows you to configure the support function

και να βλέπετε τη στάθμη της μπαταρίας

Ergonomic buttons are made

for easy use in variable driving conditions

and minimalist design

offers a clean, messy layout of the steering wheel

RIDECONTROL ERGO can be connected

wirelessly with the RIDECONTROL APP application

so that your smartphone works as a screen

for driving data

and system updates

The frame with this aluminum material

state-of-the-art is mainly manufactured

from alloy 6011 and offers

the best weight to weight ratios in its class

These frame sets also feature unique welding technologies

for high performance scrolling quality

Six smart sensors measure accurately

the power applied to the pedals

so that the engine can supply exactly

the right help to create

a natural, powerful driving experience.

This helps to optimize energy efficiency

both for the rider and for the battery system

This innovative system

combines electricity with human power

to create a smart, natural and powerful cycling experience

It is a complete set of technologies that includes

the RIDECONTROL control unit the ENERGYPACK battery system

and the SYNCDRIVE PRO engine

The engine YAMAHA SYNCDRIVE PRO power 250w with torque 50Nm

and the battery GIANT ENERGY PACK 500 , 36V , 500 W , 11,3 Ah

gives autonomy from 100 km up to 160 km

The front suspension

offers smooth driving on bumpy roads

or dirt roads with a suspension path of 63 mm

Reliable mechanism SHIMANO SL-M2000

for 9-speed gearbox

Impressive hydraulic disc brakes


The RIDEDASH EVO has been completely overhauled for 2021

It has a sportier look with a color screen and graphics that show new features

to enhance your cycling experience

It has steering wheel / stem integration options and a reliable wired connection

The low profile display shows route information,

such as speed, distance, battery range and navigation

heart rate and fitness require an application connection

One of the best e-bikes on the market

can be easily moved anywhere


All electric bicycles

40% of the repayable amount on the net sale value is subsidized

making a very profitable purchase

a means of transportation that does not require special maintenance

and does not consume fuel

so it has almost zero travel costs

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