The unique JUKEBOX handbuild and brand new

with modern sound systemand many accessories

Of course all the features are the same as old days , with the bubbles all arround

the wood shell in lot of colour combinationseven the choice of your favorit songs

with the labels turning as we choose

Models SLIMLINE are narrower from normal to fit in more private spaces

in below photo it clearly seams the difference of normal model than SLIMLINE

which is 160mm narrower

Of course as all of our JUKEBOX

it is also handbuild

to ensure the best quality

Modern CD mechanism for hours of music

you may insert as many as 80 CD for non stop hours of joy …

Choose your favorit song

labels change normal as the old days while you seek

also there is the ability to create new labels depending on the CD’s we insert to the JUKEBOX

There are a lot of wood colour variations

to dress your favorit JUKEBOX

as you like


Turn off the lights …

music and wonderfull colours wil fillany space …

You can use

a lot of unique accessories

to combine with your favorit JUKEBOX

such as BLUETOOTH device to connect external devices with the JUKEBOX

and play uncountable songs

external speakers with design to match with the JUKEBOX

also you can combine unique

wall speakers TEAR DROP in a lot of authentic colour variations

a unique cover to protect the JUKEBOX

when you do not use it for a long time

Enjoy each unique moment

with your favorit songs

and a handbuild brand new JUKEBOX

For any info on this JUKEBOX

send a mail to


or call us now to the phone

(+30) 6983 747051