The famous MARSHALL has been producing the best amplifiers in the world since 1962

and its iconic range continues to play an integral role

on the world music shene

A common passion for the Marshall music Amplifiers

helped to be Sound Leisure and Marshall together in a unique partnership

resulting in the development of this incredible custom all time Classic Jukebox

Marshall fans will love the classic cast gold

and genuine accessories provided by Marshall

as the authentic buttons, the logo, the unique fret cloth

the pipes and the instantly recognizable Tolex material that wraps the Jukebox cupboard

reflecting the finish of the famous amplifier cabins

These are also handbuild as all the authentic JUKEBOX

Watch below the JUKEBOX while playing

an exceptional soundis guaranteed by the five-way speaker system

through the D4 amplifier of Sound Leisure

coordinated by Marshall engineersin a specific EQ curve

The machine has advanced modern mechanism of 70 records of 7 “

and can play both sides Α and Β with total of 140 choices

also has Bluetooth receiver which gives you the ability to stream digital music

from any compatible device and also has additional input and output

which allows the jukebox connection to other smart teqnologies

External speakers can be connected

and controlled from Jukebox

Although it is set to operate free play as standard

The Marshall Jukebox can also have installed

an optional currency mechanism

The rotating title shelf allows you to see easily

your favorite song titles

and any JUKEBOX comes with the Sound Leisure’s Label Magic software

which allows you to design and create your own album labels

The tracks are selected using the control buttons Marshall

or through the remote control

The red Marshall power switch on the button bank

allows Jukebox to enter “suspension mode”

lighting only the logo Marshall

Each Marshall Jukebox is handmade in the United Kingdom

by specialized craftsmen of Sound Leisure and individually numbered

Each JUKEBOX is provided with a unique certificate of authenticity

For any info on this JUKEBOX

send a mail to


or call us now to the phone

(+30) 6983 747051