The central knight interactive , with shield that opens and closes , and with RGB LED lights all over

the balls in the left hand to make our game difficult

and the absolutely beautiful mane to decorate the center of this fantastic game

see below the knight shield wide open

See snapshots of this fantastic game

(the video is from the version PREMIUM)

Stop and save the ball

with the MAGNA SAVE that magnets the ball

and brings it back to the spot we want

See video of the making of the game

and also snapshots inside the factory of STERN PINBALL

Below is a complete list of the different details of each version of the game

of each version Pro , Premium , Limited edition

The detail of the playfield of the game

is very impressive

All the modern models of STERN use the advanced electronic system SPIKE

which reduces many of the problems of the past and also has less cables

and also less problems and reduce costs and time of repairs




Βάρος 140 kg
Διαστάσεις 150 × 80 × 170 cm